Sofia's Someone by Donna Frost Children's Book Series - Our Story


Princess Sofia had been purchased by Special Equestrians Inc, Fort Myers to be one of the horses for their therapeutic horseback program. This program is one that takes a very special horse because it can be stressful for the horses.

After being trained to be one of the therapeutic horses, Sofia just did not fit into the program. She did not enjoy being surrounded by people and different people taking care of her. She is definitely a one-person horse!

Author, Donna Frost, began volunteering at Special Equestrians. After several months, Jan Fifer (Executive Director) and Roxanne Bridges Burg (Assistant) knew that she was possibly looking for a horse. They asked Donna if she would be interested in meeting Princess Sofia at Malandandy Ranch. She jumped at the chance.

R Hot Hot Fancy a.k.a. Princess Sofia is a registered Paint mare. Blood Bay with black mane and tail, white socks on right side front and back. Sofia is 14.3 hands high, and 18 years old.

She is in her prime! When called, responds to Sofia!

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