Sofia's Someone by Donna Frost Children's Book Series - Meet the Author


After having lived in New Jersey and South Carolina, my husband and I moved to Fort Myers, Fl in 2016. We have a blended family of three children and seven grandchildren. While they keep us busy and full of joy I also knew I needed some meaningful volunteer work.

Having a lifelong love of horses, I became a volunteer for Special Equestrians Inc. Fort Myers. This program was a means to be close to those majestic four-legged friends and give back to the community during my retirement.

The Executive Director of SE had heard that I was looking for a horse and asked if I would be interested in meeting a horse from Special Equestrians that did not fit in the program. In an instant, I agreed.

When I met Princess Sofia, I totally fell in love with her, understanding that she did have issues we would need to address. With time, patience, love, and kindness, we have made so much progress and I knew that our story needed to be told.

One night, I sat down at the computer and the words just started flowing. I couldn’t get them out fast enough. And so began Sofia’s Someone.

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